Beef is forever…

Ink is permanent…

My Tattoo of a Flaming T-Bone
My Tattoo of a Flaming T-Bone


When I was 21 I decided to get this tattoo of a T-Bone Steak on my arm. My good friend Gordon was a hot rod artist and was excited to draw it for me. I was really just kidding when I told him what I wanted but after I saw the drawing I was sold. I had to have it on my body. When it’s all said and done, I don’t consider getting a beef tattoo to be the very smartest thing I ever did, but it certainly wasn’t the dumbest thing I ever did. In light of the season of life I was in, a tattoo was inevitable but I didn’t want to simply get a tribal band or pre-drawn dragon or anything like that. I wanted it to represent something about me that I couldn’t see ever changing, no matter what happened. This criteria caused beef to rise to the occasion! I’m thankful today that I didn’t decide to make a political or spiritual statement with the tattoo because much has changed about both for me since I got it, however my affection for beef is alive and well. All in all I’m comfortable with my tattoo-osophy of not getting too deep with it’s message but not being too shallow either:)



Rebecca and I were treated to dinner (for my 33rd birthday) tonight by our good friends Ed and Rebekah. We ate at Texas Roadhouse. It’s a chain restaurant with lots of flare, like dancing servers and peanut shells on the floor. I had never been there before but Ed and Rebekah insisted that the steaks were exceptional. I’m happy to report that I agree completely! The beef is dry aged and even at medium rare (cool red center) it was one of the most tender pieces of ribeye I’ve ever had….and I’ve had a few.

dry aged and ready for my belly...

Since today’s post is mainly about beef and my affinity for it, I have to report the details about the largest steak I ever consumed…

9 years ago, while Rebecca and I were making our way to Chicago from the Bay Area to start our lives together, we got into an accident on the interstate in Lincoln Nebraska and totaled Rebecca’s 1996 Saturn Coupe. Fortunately, our good friends Jackson and Angela were making the journey with us so we were all able to cram into Angela’s 1986 Honda Accord to finish the journey. The whole ordeal stressed me out a bit, causing a craving for some comfort food. Lucky for us there was a steakhouse across the street from the motel 6 we were staying at. We (I) ordered Rocky Mountain Oysters (beef testicles) as an appetizer. They were sort of chewing with very little flavor although they did serve as a nice delivery system for the batter they were fried in and ranch dressing. I proceeded to order and then consume a 48 ounce Prime Rib. It was 2 inches thick and 9 inches in diameter. I know it lacks wisdom to be proud of dumb accomplishments….but I’m proud of this dumb accomplishment…sort of:)


My 16 ounce Ribeye from Texas Roadhouse






“If God didn’t mean for man to eat animals, why did he make them out of food”?

Uttered by either Beavis or Butthead while working in a fast food restaurant.












Ode to Steak

Oh Luscious Steak
How your savory juices slither
down my esophagus
to make love with my stomach

Carnal feelings for you
erupt within my mouth
Oh how I long
to batter you until tender
and slather you
in my sauce of choice

My love for you ravishes my soul
leaving me sullen
until the moment you grace me
with your presence
until the moment I put you on
for a minute on each side
over a blazing open fire
to lock in the flavor

Cameron Severn

3 thoughts on “Beef is forever…

  1. The only thing I remember about that meal was the Rocky Mountain Oysters. I’m sorry I missed paying attention to your prodigious achievement. I don’t even remember what I ate.

  2. I remember when you decided to get that tattoo. I don’t remember what exactly I said to you, but I’m sure it was something in regards to talking you out of it. But it’s still the coolest tattoo ever!

  3. Well I could not agree more Beef is my favorite food.Being a Carnivore is losing its attraction in places like California isn’t it? I have heard about things like Salad Bars with nothing but green things. To me that is what food eats. Midwestern raised on fine corn fed BEEF……Mike

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