Day 12: Baseball & Building Supplies

It’s 7:59 pm. Amanda made tortillas from scratch and we enjoyed a fajita feast for dinner, complete with garlic chicken, avocado, pico de gallo, rice and lime. A labor of love indeed.

I spent some time under the mango tree and then we headed over to the field for our 9:00 am appointment with 66 kids! The typical Saturday routine is that they come over and Nunu and Latino share a Gospel centered teaching or bible story with them, then they have kool-aid and finally a soccer game. We did the same thing this week except we substituted baseball in place of soccer. They did so good! After watching Sandlot last night and playing with us last weekend, they showed up this morning ready to go. Like I said, we had 66 kids so we made up 4 teams and had 2 games. They hit the ball harder, made more plays at first base and I think, had even more fun. What a great way to start the day.


Nunu and Latino sharing the Gospel


These kids don’t know it, but it’s nothing short of a miracle that these guys decided to go “all in” on them. They both pray hard and study hard and work hard…and then love these these kids towards Jesus…”little by slow” as my friend Frank would say.


Africa…The real Sandlot




After the big games, Nunu and I headed out to procure 21 long timbers to be used as the main roof supports for the building. We went to 4 different wood guys looking for a deal and finally found a guy willing to sell them to us for 750 mets each rather than 800. The total savings we enjoyed by finding the guy willing to deal was 17.50 us, and every dollar counts when it’s ministry dollars that are being spent. Nunu lined up a friend that has a truck and a bunch of guys to meet us at the lumber shack. This guy rolls up and his guys hop out and make light work of loading the truck. They had a really easy going way about them, like they were great friends having fun as they worked, pretty cool. I asked Nunu how they were going to fit in the truck after it was loaded with our lumber and he just smiled and said “watch”. Sure enough, they did what they do and off we went. We stopped at one other lumber place to grab some smaller timbers and then back to the house.

Pretty quiet afternoon until dinner. Kids played with a local kid named Silva, Rebecca read a couple chapters of Harry Potter and we had dinner.


Indiana, Eli, Silva Sword Fighting


I’ve been accused of sometimes talking just to hear my head rattle so in the name of self-awareness, I’ll leave you with good night…and some cool pictures:)


See you tomorrow,


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