Are Farts Funny?

Things are whirling around in the noggin a bit tonight…

Truman is having a baby.

My Kids are great.

My wife is my favorite person on earth.

I’m feeling anxious today.

Eli thinks superlatives are the “best”.

We have a ceiling fan in our bathroom.

Facebook is intense on Fathers Day.

My Dad taught me a lot.

I think about…and eat Indian food a lot.

Truman is having a baby.

Truman is having a baby.


My brother Adam “Truman” and his bride Maggie are about to have a baby. I’m a fairly convincing man so I suspect my advise to  go with the name Caillou will be honored when the rubber hits the road.


It being Fathers Day and also the eve of new life in our family has me feeling a bit goo-ey.

As it turns out, fatherhood has proven to be, well, a much higher calling than I had anticipated. This isn’t true because I decided it was so. It’s true because these three little men that I’m helping Rebecca raise simply demand it. Each of them, all day long, every hour, every minute…they wait and they watch and they search for identity.

What baseball team is best?

Am I strong?

Is sleep really necessary?

Are farts funny?

Is what he says about Jesus true?

Are farts funny?

What’s better, giving…or getting?

Am I smart?

What do I do when I’m feeling this way?

What’s the best color?

What animal is fastest?

Am I strong?

It’s endless and profound and super funny, the way my boys articulate their curiosity as they hunt for themselves….in my answers to their questions.

So my dear brother, my best-est friend, I submit the following…

Choose carefully how you answer the questions or you may well end up with a kid that thinks farts are not funny.

The good news is, most of this answering is done without words, but rather with action… Rock solid, uncompromising, love driven, God honoring action.

The great news is…You and Maggie have what it takes to deliver. I can’t wait to see you both in action. Show this guy (or gal) what it looks like to to be a husband, a friend, a leader, a learner,a lover, a follower, a warrior, a listener, an advocate, a son, a believer. As you demonstrate these things, the gaps will fill in nicely.

I love you bro.





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