The story of our most recent foster placement….

As you probably know, Rebecca and Eli and I are foster parents. We currently have a 5 week old miracle, and until about an hour ago a 5 year old silly willy.

“Buddy” was with his dad while things got out of hand and winded him up in jail and Buddy with Child Protective Services.We got the call at 5:50 on Tuesday afternoon that he needed a home until things got straightened out and we were quick to respond. By 7:30, we were eating pizza and learning about one another. Buddy is Chinese and speaks english as a second language. He’s happy and bright and….very confused. Eli stayed with the gp’s while we went to get him and we were fast to share with Buddy that there was someone that was going to be very excited to have him around named Eli. We told him that Eli loved to play with trucks and rocket ships and he loved to share his toys. Buddy seemed eased by the prospect of meeting Eli.

We went from the pizza parlor to pick up Eli and once again…Eli worked his magic. In no time flat, they were farting around and talking in a language that only little boys can understand. Once we got home, Eli took time to show him all the rooms in the house and all the toys worth playing with. They chased each other around with rockets for a while and then we got ready for bed. At bed time, all five of us crawled into Eli’s bed to say prayers and read stories. In that short amount of time, Buddy seemed totally at ease and glad to be part of our crew.

Buddy and Eli have been playing hard, from morning till night from Tuesday night until now.

All the while, Rebecca and the many stakeholders in Buddy’s life have been working to design a plan that best serves Buddy. As it turns out, Buddy has a mom that loves him very much and was eager to reconnect with him as soon as possible. At some point previously, the couple  split up and Dad and Buddy moved to China. They returned to the Bay area fairly recently.

In the end, it was decided that Buddy should be placed with his Mom, at least until things were squared away with his Dad.

Those are the broad mechanical details but they are far from being the most relevant take-a ways for my family, and yours… I hope.

Once again, through this situation we were reminded that our job is to put ourselves in situations where loving well is hard….and then to love well, and do it in a way that reeks of Jesus.

I look at our lives just a few months ago and realize that we’ve spent far too long, sterilizing our lives and setting things up so that nothing intrudes that might interrupt our routine. In this new season, the phone rings, constantly reminding us that no matter how comfortable we are at the moment, there is an army of people all around us that desperately need the love we have to give. The great news is that as we give it freely, God is made famous among those that observe it, and those that are served!

A blessing for Buddy:

May the God of the universe bless you and keep you, now and forever. May you look back on this awkward week and remember the family that loved you completely as they spoke of Jesus. May you feel the peace of God and the presence of God in your life, and may you choose to embrace it and share it with others. We love you, and we are proud of you, and you are a good boy….how much more does God love you and take pride in you!


3 thoughts on “The story of our most recent foster placement….

  1. I love to hear about you and Rebeccas and Eli’s journey. All 3 of you are doing exactly what God wants you to do at this moment. Its amazing to me and I love to hear about it.

  2. Dear John and Rebecca,

    Thank you for being Jesus with skin on. I continue to pray my little Isabel will be able to come stay with you.


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