An obscure yet remarkable little candy…

For my entire candy eating career, I’ve pretty much had an affinity toward confections of the “gummy” variety. I like to buy them buy the pound in tourist trap candy shops so I can put 1 or 2 of every shape and size into my bag. It’s funny how the shapes really do matter and when it all comes down to it, it’s all about the bears. They provide a the chewy gummyness but also provide the bite that goes along with a small morsel.


Any respectable gummy ninja like myself knows that while all gummys reside in the world of delicious, the is one company that makes the very best…

HARIBO GUMMY BEARS are different and better than the rest for several reasons.

a) They are slightly tougher, providing a better bite. I like to let other varieties sit out for a day or two so they bring a similar bite with them.

b) They other guys provide subtle flavor differences between colors while Haribo Bears have very distinct flavors from one to another.

c) The clear ones are pretty much unique to Haribo and they rock. I don’t even know what flavor they are but it’s awesome.


I like to scan the candy isle at CVS when I run in to grab this or that because…well, they have a really good candy isle. Recently I spotted these candies called “Brixx” I had a sweet tooth when I bought them so I tore into the bag before I got to the car and had the bag polished off before I made it the 3 miles home. They were seriously among the finest candies of the sweet / chewy / tart variety that I’ve ever had. They are pretty much little dice sized bricks of the same-ish material that those red shoe lace candies are made of….like a sourpatch kid with only about 65 percent of the sour and not so much sugar on the outside.

I’ve only seen them at the CVS on Discoll in Fremont CA but I’m sure they are elsewhere. Deffinately an item to put on your radar if you love the gummy / sour / sweet / chewy types of candies.


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